We offer a wide selection of website solutions to fit any budget

Know the costs and what you are getting right from the get go.  We have different plans to suit every type of business whether this is your first venture into digital or you want to improve on what you already have.

Why are we different?

No Consultancy Fees

No Consultancy Fees

All meetings, emails, and telephone calls are Free Of Charge.  We will never charge you for work carried out to create proposals or quotations.

Free Expert Advice

Free Expert Advice

We have over 20 years experience working in the digital industry and would love to share our knowledge and experience with you…no charge.

No Hidden Extras​

No Hidden Extras

All work is costed in a detailed proposal detailing all design and build costs as well as any monthly hosting and support fees. 

Some Of Our Work

Willow Pond Sawmills is a new business offering to bring a sawmill to where your trees and logs are.  They wanted a simple graphical site to drive enquiries.

Slick Stitch is the largest garment embellishment business in Europe and needed a new website to reflect their broader total fulfilment offer.

Sapphire Business Solutions had a website that was underperforming and wanted something that better reflected their growing brand.

My Best Friend Dog Grooming is a local dog grooming business that offers City and Guild qualified services to your favourite pooches.

Fixed Price Website Hosting Packages

Starter Package

Entry Level Hosting

  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited SSD Webspace
  • Daily Timeline Backups
  • UK Data Centre
  • Load Balanced & Redundant
  • Security and Plugin updates
  • Inclusive Site Updates

£30 per month

Most Popular Package

Get More Included

  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited SSD Webspace
  • Daily Timeline Backups
  • UK Data Centre
  • Load Balanced & Redundant
  • Security and Plugin updates​
  • 1 hour Updates (£40 value)

£50 per month

Premium Package

Our Premium Hosting Package

  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited SSD Webspace
  • Daily Timeline Backups
  • UK Data Centre
  • Load Balanced & Redundant
  • Security and Plugin updates​
  • 3 hour Updates (£120 value)

£99 per month

Plain English

One of the reasons we are different is that we are dedicated to explaining everything in plain English.  Below are some simple explanations of our package features and options but if you’re still not sure give us a call and we will be happy to talk you through it.

Platform installation refers to the software that will be used to create your website and if applicable used to post bogs, news or any other future content.  As a rule we use WordPress as this is the industry standard and is the the platform that underpins around a third of all sites on the internet.

We know it can be quite daunting for those that are new to the digital world, so we are here to hold your hand. Every aspect will be explained in plain English and if you are interested in the more techy side we will also give you some of that too.  Whether you are ready to go digital now or just want to chat about preparing your business before taking the plunge in the future, we are happy to help.

Content refers to ANY information on your website, social media channels or marketing collateral.  It could be simple text, images or any other type of content such as downloads or video.  In truth content is the one thing that always takes longer to generate than the customer thinks.  It is important for the content to be unique, as Google and the other search engines do not like duplicate content and will mark you down in the listings accordingly. That’s why we will help you create the right content for the right pages and help with editing where required.

Fully Responsive describes a sites ability to change the way it shows content depending on the device being used by the visitor.  As new devices such as smart phones and tablets become ever more popular it is vitally important that websites are design to adapt the user experience accordingly.  This was often seen as a “nice to have” but with over 50% of internet searches now originating from a mobile device and with search engines such as  Google de-ranking sites that are not “Fully Responsive” this is now an absolute “must have.”

WordPress and other platforms use Templates to add functionality or design features to a site.  Some are free and are usually enough to give you exactly what you want.  However, if there are certain things you specifically like or want, additional Premium Templates can be bought.  Included in the package prices are the option to use one of these Premium Templates if so required.

Even though the templates give the over all look and functionality we will still do a custom design to make it your own.  This can either be inspired by you if you have specific ideas or we can create something fantastic for you.

Images and Graphics can  make a website really come to life.  They also convey both your brand and the products and services you offer without the need to read through the text.  Ideally you will be able to provide some or all of this to make it personal to your business but if not we will provide copyright free stock photography carrying the same messages.  In addition we can offer photo shoots by a professional photographer which will produce images which can be used on your website, social media channels and across your entire marketing collateral.

We understand that every website is different and so are their objectives. Some want you to make an online purchase while others might like you to download content or submit your details asking for more information.  Forms are pages or pop ups within a site that ask for customer details and could, additionally ask for further information that would allow your business to quote for a product or service.  Even a subscription for a newsletter requires a customer form.

If you already have social media  channels or are planning to have them before you launch your website it is a good idea to show icons on your site to allow people to click on them and be directed to those channels.  For instance rather than a user having to search in Facebook and find you they can simply click on the Facebook icon on your site and be directed to your pages instantly.

One of the reasons digital marketing is becoming so popular is that it not only works but lets you see how it worked, for whom and at what cost.  Unlike traditional advertising and marketing, digital has the advantage of allowing you to view real time dashboards showing you in detail how each of your budget is being spent, what conversion rates are being achieved from which campaigns and more importantly lets you change your campaigns to make the most of your spend.  Google Analytics is the most important of these tools. It does all of the above and in addition tells you geographically where your visitors are coming from, what they typed into Google to find your site, whether they clicked on a link on one of your emails or from a campaign and about a million other things.  Importantly you can see all of this in near real time letting you modify your campaigns at any time to improve your return on investment.  Included in all campaigns is the creation of a custom Plugin to send all of the necessary data to make this work for you.

Getting your website to a meaningful position on Google (or any other search engines) listings is extremely difficult and can be expensive.  However there are some things that will cost little or nothing and will have an almost immediate impact on people searching in your local area.  Google likes to show local results based on the location of the searcher and will display a selection of local businesses on page one based on companies that have made a local listing with them.  If you don’t already have one we will create one for you and if you do we will make sure you have all possible information on it that will benefit your position with Google.  Things like opening times will also be pulled through to the results page and will help you stand out.

A domain name is the word or phrase that follows the www. and is what people type to find your website.  It is also what comes after the @ in an email address.  Let’s give you an example.  My email address is and this website address is Although you don’t need the www. anymore and most people don’t include it in marketing etc.  The domain name in this instance is  Before you can start to build a website or create email addresses you MUST have a domain name.

If you don’t already have an email account or if you have email but use a generic form of account like @googlemail, @gmail, @btinternet etc new accounts can be created on your domain name.  Using email addresses that end in an @ and your domain name give your business a much more professional look.

SEO Optimisation is the process of adding plug ins and additional functionality that will improve your chances of better search engine listings in organic listings.  This is when your business appears in the search engine listings without paying for campaigns etc.  They will also make sure any additional pages like blog posts or news items again have more of a chance of showing to the customers you are trying to attract.

Facebook Landing Page

Plain English - Website Hosting Packages

Most website hosting companies restrict the amount of bandwidth (traffic through the internet) to your website.  That can reduce the amount of visitors at any one time and the speed of the site for your users.  Our hosting has no restrictions on bandwidth, it is totally unlimited.  This means the site will not slow down no matter how many visitors you have.

SSD stands for Solid State Drive. These are the most modern type of hard drive that are used in high end laptop and desktop computers as well as now in premium hosting servers.  Traditional hard drives are mechanical with multiple moving parts and are much slower at reading and writing information than Solid State Drives.  In real terms that means that they are slower at delivering your web pages and content.  All of our hosting packages use Solid State  Drives to give the best possible performance.

Each day a copy of your website is taken and saved against your account.  If for any reason there is an issue with your website you are able to choose any of the dates in your timeline and change the content to match exactly that date.

Unlike many other hosts all of our hosting solutions are based on data centres right here in the UK.  This has many benefits, one of which is that it will comply to recent data protection regulations unlike other centres situated outside the EU.

Load balancing is a piece of hardware (or software) that distributes traffic (users on your site) to different servers when the volume of that traffic means that the speed of your site will be effected.  Redundancy describes the process by which if one server fails, content and pages will automatically be delivered from one of the other servers. By definition load balancing means identical content is on multiple servers which enables redundancy to happen. 

Websites are built on a Content Management Systems which comprise of a core piece  of software (most of our sites are delivered using WordPress) and then one or multiple plugins(additional pieces of code) which add additional functionality.  Both the core application and the plugins are continually being updated and developed to improve their performance and defend against ever more complicated security risks and threats.  All of our hosting packages include updating the plugins and the core CMS system as soon as updates are available.

Most websites require constant changes and additions to the content.  Both to keep up with a businesses product and services offering and to let customers know about latest offers and special events.  This work is chargeable by the hour but you can add inclusive site update hours as part of the monthly cost at a fraction of the price.  Additional hours are charged at £40 per hour but for example if you choose our Premium Hosting Package you get hosting and 3 hours of development time for just £99 per month.  All of our hosting packages have a minimum contract length of 12 months.

Fixed package not for you?

If our fixed price packages are not for you then we also offer bespoke services to suit your digital needs. Below are a selection of the additional sevices we offer.  Simply call or email us to discuss your needs.

Wordpress Redesign

WordPress Redesign

If you already have a WordPress site but are unhappy with it’s design, functionality or your current provider we can help you create the site your business.deserves.


From small sites with a handful of products to sites with 100000 products turning over many millions of pounds we have a solution for you.

Web Applications/Databases

We create web based applications to solve your specific business requirements.  From database systems to online order form platforms we can help.

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